Over 25,000 students have played VentureBlocks at over 250 universities, including:

Babson College
Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley
Quinnipiac University
Ivey Business School, Western University
The George Washington University
University of Southern California
Virginia Tech
NYU Stern
  • "VentureBlocks put my students into a high gear to engage customers and look for entrepreneurial opportunities. Interviewing virtual customers made them focus on key do's and don'ts in their own field research. The simulation was easy to run and sensitized my students to the fun and complexity of searching for entrepreneurial opportunities. "

    Dr. Erik Noyes
    Associate Professor, Babson College
  • "VentureBlocks is a remarkable feat. For the first time we are seeing the art and science of learning on how to identify an opportunity and the steps needed for success. I used the simulation in my MBA class at George Washington University. We are early adopters of innovation and my students really enjoyed the experience. Get ready for a new frontier of online experiential education!"

    Dr. Ayman Tarabishy
    Associate Professor, The George Washington University
    Executive Director of International Council from Small Business
  • "While I have frequently encouraged my students to develop empathy for potential users by getting out of the classroom, until I came across VentureBlocks, I never thought it was possible to enable such powerful learning in a simulated environment. But congratulations to the VentureBlocks team. You have succeeded in creating such a simulation that is a perfect tool for allowing students to learn (and fail) before they work on their own lean startup. I will definitely continue to use VentureBlocks going forward."

    Dr. Boyd Cohen
    Professor, EADA Business School, Barcelona
  • "The VentureBlocks simulation worked well. The students were all engaged and got a lot out of it in terms of customer engagement, insight development and ideation."

    Dr. Simon Jowitt
    Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, Monash University
  • "It is difficult to teach students to derive insights from potential customers without being led by their own preconceptions regarding existing products within an industry. VentureBlocks gives students a unique opportunity to practice questioning techniques in a non-existing industry, where students will not have existing biases."

    Jeffrey P. Wehrung Sr. Ph.D
    Director of the Center for Business, Entrepreneurship, and Tourism
    Assistant Professor, Black Hills State University
  • "Over the last couple of years we have been encouraging our students to “get out of the building” and speak with customers. Unfortunately students lacked the necessary skills to make these meetings worthwhile and it became obvious they needed help. VentureBlocks has proven to be a great tool for developing our student’s interview skills. As a result, students are experiencing more productive interviews and are getting quality information."

    Geoff Milne, MBA, CAE
    Instructor, School of Business, Assiniboine Community College
  • "My students had the opportunity to use VentureBlocks and it was an amazing experience. Some of their major takeaways were when they realized that they were not listening to their customers, and they were not asking the right questions. The simulation is a different experience because it allows the user to interact with different people. I highly recommend VentureBlocks."

    Carla de Hess
    Directora, Centro de Excelencia, Universidad Francisco Marroquín

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