For students

Students can purchase the simulation directly in the VentureBlocks portal after registering for your instructor's course in our system. There are two ways to register:

  1. You received a special registration link from your instructor (check your syllabus and LMS), or
  2. Your instructor added your email to our system and you got a login link and password by email (check your email and spam/junk folder)

Once you have an account in the VentureBlocks portal you will be given the option to buy a license to play using a card, or to enter a license code you received elsewhere. Then you will be able to play VentureBlocks for your course.


For instructors and institutions

Instructors are able to use their instructor accounts in the VentureBlocks portal to buy licenses for their students to play. Create a free instructor account here.

Within your instructor account:

  1. You can purchase licenses on demand using a card, or
  2. You can request an invoice from us (send invoice requests or purchase orders to us by email) and we will add the licenses to your account to use and provide the invoice

Invoices can be paid online with a card, by mailed check, by ACH, or by wire transfer. All necessary information is provided at the bottom of each invoice.


For bookstores

Bookstores can purchase VentureBlocks license codes two ways:

  1. Using our bookstore portal to immediately receive as many licenses as needed digitally, or
  2. Through VitalSource for use in your school's inclusive access program, or
  3. If using the Entrepreneurship textbook + VentureBlocks bundle from SAGE Publishing, both products can be ordered directly from your university's SAGE rep

To create a bookstore portal account with us, please schedule a call with us here. We will set up your account and walk you through how to use it on the call.

Inclusive Access: have partnered with VitalSource to further assist and engage students worldwide through Inclusive Access (IA), a course-by-course delivery model that gives students day-one access to their required digital course materials.



VentureBlocks has a separate ISBN for each product's license codes. License codes are digital and we do not sell printed license codes.

  1. The VentureBlocks Simulation License Code ISBN is 9798218017729
  2. The VentureBlocks AI-Powered Live Chat Add-on License Code ISBN is 9798990470200
  3. NOTE: The Entrepreneurship textbook + VentureBlocks bundle from SAGE Publishing has a different ISBN: 9781071968710 (loose-leaf) and 9781071968727 (paperback)


Create a free instructor account

Download the teaching note, see example analytics, and play the full simulation


Prefer to get a personalized walkthrough?

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