Our AI-powered chat add-on lets students practice customer interviews.


Unique and dynamic real-time conversations, powered by AI.

Our AI-powered chat enables limitless conversations with characters (representing potential customers), all of who have unique personalities, backgrounds, needs, and challenges that students must uncover by asking great questions and following up on what they heard.

Highly personalized feedback.

After each conversation, students get feedback on whether they learned about their potential customer's life and challenges enough to continue to the next mission, and what they can do differently next time. Students will also get feedback about:

  • The types of questions they asked that led to the most learning.
  • Questions they should avoid in the future
  • Whether they built enough rapport for their potential customer to open up to them and even feel comfortable referring them to a friend.
  • How deep the student dug when asking probing questions and whether there were missed opportunities.

Five dynamic and challenging missions.

Students must complete four unique and challenging missions to complete the AI-powered chat experience. Each mission builds on the previous, with increased complexity and difficulty.

After completing the four missions, students can play a bonus mission in pursuit of a high score for even more practice.

Practice email writing skills.

Based on requests from our users, one of the missions requires asking the potential customer to refer the student a friend, and the next mission teaches students to draft an email with the right tone and content to maximize the chances of hearing back from their referral.

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